In this category you can find antique pottery, ceramic statuettes, sculptures, dishes, vases, flower pots and other ceramic products. There are ceramic products of different ages, origins and prices. If you are looking for ceramic items other than porcelain or glass, we invite you to visit other categories at czech-antiques.com. Ceramic pots, vases, statuettes, sculptures and other ceramic items are exposed on czech-antiques.com by shops and private individuals throughout the Czech Republic.

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Cameraman - the 1st price

Cameraman - the 1st price

Ceramic sculpture on a wooden pedestal. Obviously as the 1st price.

antique gallery

250,- €


Blue jug with white figurines

Blue jug with white figurines

Dimensions: height 13.8 cm, base diameter 8.8 cm, top diameter 7.5 cm

antique gallery

135,- €


Number of items: 499

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